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Top Five Essential Oils for Pets

If you thought essential oils were just for humans, think again!

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Whether you have a dog, cat, or horse, DoTERRA essential oils can offer much-needed natural health to your beloved pets!

Essential oils can safely support your fur babies with occasional issues they’re bound to have. For my dogs, these oils have given me a new way to address their occasional sore muscles, upset tummies, and seasonal threats.

There are three ways to use essential oil for dogs, in particular, aromatically, topically, and internally. 

  • Aromatic

Add oils to your diffuser, create a spray bottle & mist in the air in the space where they hang out most, or spritz on bed beds  You can even put a drop on your hands and allow your pet to inhale.

  • Topical

Apply directly by placing a drop of oil on your hands, rubbing them together, and petting along your pet’s spine or hair. You can even apply it to their shampoo, or add a drop of oil into ice for a cold compress. Just be sure ) to dilute your oil with fractionated coconut oil before applying and never apply it near eyes or nose or on face or genitals.

  • Internal

When I am giving oils to my dogs internally, I suggest using just one or two drops either in a veggie capsule or mixed in with their wet or dry food. Sometimes I’ll put a drop on my index finger and swipe it directly over my dogs’ tongue or gums. 

My five favorite oils for my dogs are:

 — I love this power oil for so much—applied topically or given internally for occasional aches & pains and inflammation, stress or immune-boosting or, topically with frankincense and lavender for skin issues  This is also a safe oil to be rubbed topically over the gums for oral care, sensitive gums or gum discomfort. 

 — Frankincense is amazing for when dogs are undergoing occasional aches and pains, are experiencing anxious feelings or separation issues, or skin problems. This is an oil that can be used in all three ways. It’s wonderfully diffused with lavender to reduce stress. This is a great one through thunderstorms and Fireworks!

  —This is a great oil for cuts, scratches, and scrapes as well as occasional aches and pains. I love taking two drops of this oil with two drops each of Frankincense, copaiba, and lavender in a 2-4 oz spray bottle of distilled water and spraying directly over aching joints. 

 — At DoTERRA, we call this the Swiss Army Knife of oils for a reason. This is for dogs who experience a lot of anxious feelings, need help with rest and sleep, overall mood as well as seasonal discomfort, hotspots, and skin issues.

 — While we should never put oil directly in the ears or the eyes, this is a great oil to rub along with Lavender on the tips of the dogs’ ears if they have been experiencing ear discomfort. Roman Chamomile is also amazingly rubbed over the gums with Myrrh and Copaiba for dogs with dental issues. 

Natural oils for your pets are powerful, safe, and have no side effects. They kill viruses and bacteria, giving you peace of mind knowing you have alternative ways to help soothe and love your pets and give them the support they need

And just a friendly reminder that pets come in many sizes! So be sure to use smaller amounts for smaller pets. You can always dilute your oils with coconut oil!

If you have other questions about the oils I’ve listed here, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I love talking about my pets and what I’ve done to help them live happier and healthier lives. Visit my Facebook Page and message me there. I have additional resources with some of my favorite pet books! Here is a link to a book that I love and use regularly called Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats. 

When our pets are healthy and happy, we are healthy and happy too! I look forward to hearing from you.

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