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Coming out of this past year, it’s clear to see that being healthy is vital for our wellness and peace of mind.

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Coming out of this past year, it’s clear to see that being healthy is vital for our wellness and peace of mind. A strong immune system is critical for us and our kids as they head back to the classroom so they can be ready to learn, focus and socialize. 

When it comes to supporting a healthy immune system, let’s look at what we’re using in our daily lives that could hamper our optimal health. The first thing we can do to give our immune systems a fighting chance is to ditch and switch seemingly innocent hand sanitizers, wipes, and household cleaners!

Did you know that they are laden with chemicals that can actually lower your body‘s ability to fight free radicals and cause a lot more harm than good to our hormones and endocrine system?

Some of my favorite immune-boosting staples are from the On Guard line!

On Guard is a blend of Wild Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove that offers antioxidant support, and Eucalyptus and Rosemary which offer respiratory support! It’s a natural way to battle bacteria, viruses, and protect against environmental and seasonal threats. 

I love using these simple On Guard sanitizing wipes to replace chemically-laden wipes and spray cleaners. We use them to wipe down every germy surface from school desks and little kid hands to bathroom toilet seats and airplane tray tables. I even keep them in my car to use after pumping gas!

Earlier Bedtime

I know that getting our kiddos into an earlier bedtime can be difficult with homework and after-school activities. It’s so easy for kids to stay wound up.  I love diffusing Serenity to help ease them into an earlier bedtime. I suggest keeping a diffuser on each of your kids’ nightstands so they can have a station set up with their favorite calming oils. I also add a drop of Serenity on my kids’ pillows. They can even rub their favorite calming essential oils on the bottom of their feet or jammies.  And, you can rub  Serenity on their backs as you’re telling your kids goodnight. There’s also a Serenity bar soap that they can use in a bubble bath before bed or the foaming Baby Wash (which isn’t just for babies). I love using this! It’s filled with the aroma of Vanilla, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile. Finally, there is a Targeted Wellness Kit that is tailored to their sleep needs. This is called the Sweet Dreams Kit, and it’s a fantastic way to implement a nighttime routine that is gentle and calming. 

Homework Routine

Getting into a good homework routine can also be difficult after a long summer. So to improve focus and create a new homework routine, having a little help is always beneficial. To keep my kids focused, I use Thinker or In Tune. These are both rollerball options kids can use to roll on their temples or the backs of their necks. Thinker is part of the kids’ collection, it’s already pre-diluted with coconut oil, so it’s ready to go and perfect for younger kids with its milder form. In Tune is a great option for kids 12 and up. You can keep these in the homework stations or near their beds; anywhere that they tend to hang out and know they have access to.

Support Hids’ Emotions/Mood Boost

Going back to school can be a high-stress event. So to combat the normal school stressors of homework and new routines, I have my kids help choose what essential oils they would like to have on hand. They can pick what they like, and what smells best to them. Adaptiv is a great one that helps support your kids’ emotions and gives them a wonderful mood boost. It comes in a roller bottle as well as a 15ml bottle that can be used in a diffuser, and it’s easy for them to put in on their pulse points, back of the neck, or temples. Elevation is another great blend that can be used topically in the diffuser that we use to promote feelings of joy.  And finally, DoTERRA has a full Kids’ line to support a multitude of health priorities on the go and an emotional aromatherapy line to help them with a spectrum of feelings. This is the Kids Oil Collection and it’s a wonderful blend of essential oils all with kids, and their needs,  in mind.

This is just a sampling of the fantastic oils doTERRA has to support your whole family with their physical health and emotions as you head back to school and create a new fall routine. As always, I’m here to support you and your family with your health journey. Please feel free to reach out to me (or the Purely Blessed Living Wellness Advocate who invited you) if you’d like to schedule a time to talk more about your current health goals.

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