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3 Ways To Bring Motivation Back!

In the last year-and-a-half, many of us have lost our motivation due to fear, uncertainty & change.

Heck, I’ve been there myself! It’s been an odd time… and easy to get off track. 👣

But through it, I’m discovering the secret to achieving true motivation—to keep going no matter the circumstances…

Being an entrepreneur who leads a team of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen first-hand why some of us lose steam & lack motivation.

But before we can fix the problem, we need to understand why we lose motivation in the first place…

Overwhelm! There can be so much to process that sometimes, it’s easier to stick with what’s comfortable instead of trying something new. It can be tough balancing so it’s easier to give up.

Focus! Sometimes we sit down to do the work but get distracted & don’t know what to do first— so they don’t do anything. Then they don’t see results and that can be de-motivating.

Procrastination! Sometimes we wait for inspiration to hit—for that “feeling” of motivation that never comes. So we put it off for another day…

Lack of Self Worth… Sadly, some don’t believe enough in themselves so they don’t set goals high enough & then can’t possibly get motivated because they’re not excited about what they're doing. 

Clarity… Sometimes we aren’t simply clear on what we want in the first place so how can we possibly attain it?

I used to fall into some of these categories from time to time but discovered something super life-changing:

Regardless of the reasons WHY we lack motivation in various stages of life, we can still CREATE motivation.

The secret lies in our HABITS!

Here’s a few things we CAN do to bring motivation back:

  1. Schedule a block of time to DO the work and then just do it. Tackle ONE thing on the list. Then the next thing. Then the next thing….
  2. Start with short blocks of time so that it’s manageable. All of us can make a commitment for an hour! Then schedule just one more hour the next day.
  3. Show up for yourself. YOU are a priority! Teach yourself you can trust you’ll honor your commitment to yourself first before giving others your time.

Guess what happens?

It becomes fun! Once you sit down and do the work, you see results. You help people. You connect. You add value. You feel good about yourself and then you can’t stop…😊

I know, I know. It's not earth-shattering but it is simple!

You reignite your passion for WHY you do what you do and that passion fuels your purpose and so on and so on…

So the next time you feel bored, frustrated, scared, insignificant, ineffective, apathetic, distracted, or yes, unmotivated, take a breath! You’re human! You're normal! ✨

Give yourself grace for feeling that way but then give yourself the tough love to set a timer, set one simple goal and make yourself “just do it!” Don’t wait for the “feeling” of motivation. You can create that feeling if you put your mind to it! And don’t forget to celebrate afterwards with a walk, a bubble bath, a chapter in a fun novel—anything healthy to reward yourself so that you’ll want to continue crushing those goals!

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